Get Your “MMF’ing” Competitive Edge!

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for checking out this page!  My name is Latasha R. Chubb, CEO and Founder of DISK, LLC Jobs.  I’ve been in the Customer Service Industry for over 15 years and have learned and seen a lot of good things and bad things over the years in respect to our profession.  One of the bad is the day to day stress we as Customer Service Professionals deal with on a daily basis.

Managing stress is an essential job skill for the successful customer service professional. Typically customer service representatives experience burnout from two sources: 1) repetitive routine requests, and 2) frustrated customers. The combination can lead to stress, unless reps manage their responses well.   Another important factor in Customer Service is standing out from the crowd.  With third world countries willing to work for half our US salaries doing the same Customer Service positions, we have to have a competitive edge in order to bring jobs back state-side, stay relevant and up to date on new and emerging technologies, and improve our overall health and well being. Did you know that for those of us who work from home, whether it’s in Customer Service or not, it’s considered to be the “new smoking” to our bodies?  EWWWWWW!

Well we have some good news!  As a continued part of our commitment to not only Cleveland, Ohio communities, and the world’s leading brands we serve,  DISK, LLC Jobs is proud to partner with Engage Global, where now you too can have that competitive edge that all DISK, LLC Jobs have access to!!!

At DISK, LLC Jobs partnered with Engage Global, We believe we can create abundance for others with a simple principle we call FISH:

  1. Freedom – Providing ways for people to free themselves from financial and health constraints.    
  2. Integrity – We do the right things the right way.    
  3. Service – Giving back and serving others is an essential part of an abundant life.    
  4. Hope – There is no greater gift you can give than Hope.

So what are we talking about here?  Well simply put…

MMF :A Groundbreaking Formulation That Enhances Your Health at the Cellular Level.

MMF (Maximum Micronutrient Formula) is the ONLY supplement on the market today that reduces oxidative stress and inflammation through a scientifically proven three-pronged approach. Since oxidative stress and inflammation are the precursors of most modern health complaints, MMF helps you achieve the healthiest version of yourself at every stage of life.


100% Safe

No Heavy Metals

No Contaminated Herbs

100% GMO Free

Patented Formula

Exclusive Ingredients

Clinically Validated


MMF was designed to work for the military in the more dangerous and demanding environments on the planet. The fact that it works for them ensures that it will work for you in everyday life.

  • Supports and protects organs, tissues and cells in the body
  • Micronutrients are absorbed from the digestive system into the blood stream, maximizing effects
  • Assists the body in reducing inflammation
  • Maximizes protection against free radicals
  • Supports circulatory health with a unique blend of antioxidants and micronutrients
  • Protects cells and tissues with unique combinations of micronutrients and antioxidants
  • Supports the body’s natural DNA repair function
  • Supports muscle structure and proper function
  • Supports normal neurological function
  • Supports recovery and athletic performance
  • Supports hearing quality
  • Boosts energy
  • Elevates glutathione levels in the body

High levels of these free radicals can signal the beginning process that significantly compromises good health. The process should activate suitable immune responses if the body has sufficient concentrations of micronutrients to do so.

MMF® was created to help Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors become as healthy as possible, from the inside out. Boosting the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress is one of MMF’s® many benefits.

In humans, Oxidative Stress & Micronutrient deficiencies have been shown to be involved in the development of certain diseases like:





Neurological Diseases


Cardiovascular Disease


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Tinnitus & Hearing Loss


And the list goes on… MMF is a powerful weapon to defend against these issues.

Two Great Options

MMF is available in two efficacious delivery systems; a completely natural capsule or a convenient stick pack that, when added to water, becomes a great tasting citrus-flavored drink.

So what I’d like you to do is join me on my 30 day journey as I take you through my evolution and progression using this groundbreaking new supplement.  Are you ready to join me?

Here’s what I’d like you to do in this order:

1.) Check out this informational video here:

2.) Download the Brochure!

3.) Join me on my 30 day Journey!  (After you have a chance to read my journey to date, come back here and finish step #4)

4.) Get Your Competitive Edge


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