The Effects of Poor Management in Customer Relations

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To make your businesses successful, you need to have efficient executives who can make and preserve powerful relations with the customers. Building up better relations with your customers is one of the best methods to guarantee business growth. By doing this, your client will pass on your service and products to their family and friends. While poor services provided by management can lead to dissatisfied clients and a bad reputation for your business.

Following are the effects of poor management in customer relations

  1. Lost Opportunities to Sell

If the management team of the company is poor then it might influence company’s relation with the customers resulting to lost opportunities to sell and decreased expected profit. Nowadays, businesses use some customer relations management models, also known as CRMs, that make use of technology to assess  customers’ needs and priorities to boost sales and maintain loyalty. A customer-oriented style of management is more victorious as it targets the  preference of the customers, not the expectations of the leaders.

  1. Frustrated Customers

Limited relation management with the customers, results in dissatisfied and unhappy clients. Agents of sales who use one arrangement method to draw new clients usually break down. Some consumers are always on the look-out for the latest products and expect improved services. Other favors the usual tested and effective service.  Reliable customer relation management requires personal consideration.

  1. More Aggressive Competition

If relations with your customers are not good then this may lead to increase in competition. If employees of your business are unaware of how to successfully guarantee best relations with customers, then competitors will surely take your consumers away from you. Competitors will try to provide more attractive and tempting deals such as free technical training, free product samples, improved services and troubleshooting advice to gather all demands of your customers. A business that aims only on its internal gain instead of needs of customers, will surely lose its customers.

  1. Profit Loss

The company’s poor management in customer relations will lead to the loss of customers that will definitely lower sales of your business. Buyers may make or break your business.  No sales, no profit. Any business which does not have better relations with their customers will surely fail.

  1. Increased Expenses

After inefficient client service ruins the brand of the company, expect an increase in expenses from pricey community relations to marketing campaigns. These are designed to balance the wasted and latest training programs, that typically take on expensive consultants, and loss of production time to training. The business might have to undergo an expensive signing up process because of attrition of employees. Moreover, you will be forced to employ more expensive management team to resolve problems and deliver results.


The most important thing for any business is to have better management in customer relations. Otherwise, it will end up losing its current and potential customers that will lead to failure of business.  To simply put it – no customer, no business.


Habits of Highly Successful Customer Service Representative

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The employees in the customer service department must be skilled enough to tackle all the questions raised by the customers. They must have identifiable traits to help them satisfy their customers effectively.It goes without saying, that even just one unhappy customer can put you out of businessbecause of poor customer service,.  That serious.  Here are some of the distinguishing habits of a successful Customer Service Representative:


  1. Effective Listener

Listening is a great habit and having the habit of listening makes the best customer service representatives. Before offering their own solution, initially, they listen to customers’ problems thoroughly. Listening is not only limited to hearing the problem of customers but giving attention to their non-verbal communication also.


  1. Have Patience

Patience plays an important role in becoming the best Customer Service Representative in any company. It is very important to remain calm and have patience despite of knowing the expected behavior of your customer. You just need to stay focus on the problem presented regardless of customer’s reactions.  Try to understand each situation from customer’s point of view and   act accordingly.


  1. Think Outside the Box

The best Customer Service Representative knows very well that there is always a solution to each problem. Thinking outside the box will set you at par with the best. Research shows that employees who think out of the box are more successful in their field. These employees take pride in their job and continuously look for methods of performing things in different ways.

  1. Know Your Stuff

Facts and knowledge are everything, particularly when it comes to  customer service. Having sound knowledge of your services and products will increase the cross selling as well as upselling rates of the company. Moreover issues and hiccups on your services and products will be solvedin a timely and precise manner. Your client’s choice or decision willdepend on whether you know about your business that well. Lack of knowledge will surely affect the confidence level of a Customer Service Representative.

  1. Be Engaging

All customers wish to have agenuine and honest person so avoid sounding too rehearsed. The best Customer Service Representative will call you by your name, ask you how your day is going on and usually will make you feel at ease. From customer’s point of view, there is nothing more comforting than having good communication with a real and true person. If you can end the call by leaving them feeling pleased and contented, they will remember you and your business.

  1. Flexible Attitude

Customer Service Representatives should not get tired of expecting surprises at all times. Remember, everyone’s unique, so expect different experience in every situation. It’s your job to adjust and adapt to the customer’s behaviour and not the other way around.


Putting together and adapting these 6 habits, will set you apart from other Customer Service Representatives. Identifying and understanding  these good traits, will help you apply them easily and hassle free on how you deal with your customers.  You should then expect a lot of repeat businesses from there on.



Grow Your Business with Customer Service

The internet has created a new platform for dealers to emerge and grow overnight. But most of the retail business fails within the first 4 years due to the bad relationship with the customers. In order to grow your business, having a good relationship with the customers is essential. According to a research,nowadays the customer will prefer buying products from an online store if the retailer provides better services to the customers.



Spare a glance at some of these tips on how to grow your business with customer service:

  1. Communicate

In every business, communication is the key for growth. Instead of working alone, try to involve your customers’ attention and participation. Understand your customers’ needs, gather information, and reach out to them. It’s important that you maintain an open communication with your target market.  This way, you will gain their trust and loyalty easily.

  1. Listen

Try to use customer’s feedback in improving your products or services.  Listening to your customers and clearing their doubts are greatly appreciated. Whether it’s the company’s or the customer’s mistake, just by listening will make customer relationship stronger. Remember to keep an open mind and never argue with your customers. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your business.

  1. Make Use of Technology

With the advancement in technology, most companies are taking advantage of this to handle clients. Make use of social media to engage with your customers.  Everything can now be done online, utilize it well for promotions, marketing and as well as resolving complaints with your customers. Pay attention to customers’ reviews as these can make or break you. Create and maintain your best profile on the web and you will end up saving your precious time as well as money.

  1. Visit Your Customers

Do you want your customers to be more loyal towards the company? Sending handwritten thank you note to your customers is a great idea, but visiting them is the best option. By doing this, you are building trust and will end up making new contacts and loyal customers.

  1. Be Responsive

Medium and small enterprises need to recognize customers’ preferences. Blow fishing’s first rule is to reply to all the queries of the customers through email, chat, Facebook, phone or email. Complaints will not go away by simply ignoring them. Be prompt on your responses. Invest in different desktop support or mobile apps to help you address customer’s concerns anytime, anywhere.

  1. Upgrade Products

The only permanent thing in this world is change.  So always try to keep up and be constantly aware of new things in the market. Companies must their products according to the customers ever changing needs. Keeping up with times is one way of staying in business.

  1. Commitment

Leaders of the large companies like Apple and Zappos recognize that first client service needs sincere commitment. They realize that they cannot afford to simply cut back on their client service efforts.  Always give it your all, don’t hold back in pleasing your customers.


As long as many of us consider client support as a core value of doing business, the numbers would never lie. Study shows that increasing client retention rates by five percentwill increase profits of the business by 25 to 95 percent. It really pays off when you focus on keeping your customers happy and satisfied.


How to Restore Customers’ Confidence When Things Go Wrong

Restoring the confidence of your customers mostly relies upon establishing a way which can be used side by side to support growth of customers. The target is to difficult situations in a manner that leaves positive impact to the customer.If you’re lucky enough, this may convince your customer to promote your company in the future.

Have a look at these 6 ways to restore customer confidence when things go wrong:

  1. Apologize

The very first thing to do after things go wrong is to sincerely convey your apologies. This is the part that you have to show your customer that you empathize with them and that you understand and relate how they feel and where they are coming from.  Regardless, whether it’s the company’s or the customer’s mistake, a genuine apology can create a bond and will restore relationship between parties concerned.Moreover, according to research, a sincere apology increases customer satisfaction by 10 to 15%.

  1. Be Courteous and Kind

Do not ruin your relationship with customers with rude behavior when things go wrong. Instead, try to treat them with courtesy and kindness. Customers often feel more important when they are treated with sensitivity, dignity and respect by the company. Apology is already mention edas first and foremost, let’s not also forget to show appreciation.  Thank the customers when they call your attention to the problem and make them realize that they are supporting you in improving your service or products for them. Kill them with kindness and customers will keep coming back for more.

  1. Investigate and Explain

An important and usually ignored part of customer relations restoration is to be transparent at all times especially when something goes wrong.  You have to launch investigation and present root cause of why the problem occurred. Chances of restoring  trust, increases by making time to clarify and explain the details behind the incident. Share result of investigation regarding the issue and explain how and why it happened.  Customers will appreciate your explanation and this help you regain their trust back by showing them you are not hiding anything.


  1. Provide quick response

If the customer complaints are settled on the very first contact then the chances of having more loyal customer increase. The longer it takes to solve the customer’s problem, the greater chances of losing customer’s trust. Studies show that you will lose 25% of loyal customers if complaints are not addressed or resolved immediately.


  1. Award reimbursement

Compensate customers to make up for the trouble or the inconvenience the problem has caused.  It doesn’t have to be in monetary form but can also be in terms of gift certificates, vouchers/coupons, product samples, etc. Because according to research, 58% of customers who filed complaints and got something in their mail, were very happy and satisfied as compared to the 40% of those who did not obtain anything.It goes without saying that if the company gives reparation in the form of refunds, discounts or gift cards, customer satisfaction will definitely increase.


  1. Redeem yourself

Complaints present second chances to redeem your company’s reputation and regain customers by improving what your services lack at or your products’ weaknesses.  When offered this opportunity, companies must show its strength in resolving challenging situations and regain the trust of the customer. Then, you will be rewarded with customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.


Prompt and immediate resolution to problems are important factors in developing companies.  Train the employees well on how to be proactive in dealing with customers during challenging situations by keeping in mind the above six items.  After following these steps, the company will surely retain more loyal customers and will definitely increase profits.


How to Deliver Moments of Magnificence to Your Customers

Do you agree that the very first step to make your customers happy and satisfied has nothing to do with the customers themselves? It all depends on you! Whether you treat them right or not in any situation, matters a lot. It’s all about managing your attitude. Recognize your feelings and work accordingly to focus on your customers. How?  Mental and verbal self-affirmation – says it to yourself over, and over again that you are the best and will give your best. Nothing beats the power of a positive mind.  Then execute with full of energy and vigor.  Good vibes are contagious so don’t be surprised that your customers will catch on fast and easily.


Some of the things that every business must follow in order to deliver moments of magnificence to customers


First impression lasts.  So create a nice one and start with the greetings.  You don’t usually forget the person who greets you courteously and politely. Everyone appreciates it if they are treated well. When dealing with people, it takes only a few moments to smile, say thank you, please, excuse me, thanks for waiting, etc. But the feeling of recognition and that impression lasts for a long time.

Satisfy the Need

When can you say that you have met the needs of your customer? Only when you help solved the problem or addressed the concern raised. To deliver the moment of magnificence to customers, be a good listener, be sincerely helpful, and try to ask questions in order to solve their problems. Take time to get information but be prompt with your action plan. Focus on the delivery of a solution to the problem.  After all, that’s the main reason why the customer came to you.


Always appreciate your customers’ business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think what would you want and expect from your business? Believe it or not but it only takes a little of your time to satisfy the needs of the customers! No one likes to wait! So, treat each case with sense of urgency and don’t wait for the customers to follow-up.  Be proactive to call first and give even just an update if you still haven’t resolved the problem totally. Follow through by e-mails or phone calls to say thank you, or ask for further assistance or information if you need to. Do this and you will surely satisfy your customers.

Handling Problems

Do you believe in saying “No news is good news”?  Customers would only call if they have complaint or problem with your product or service.  So if you haven’t heard from them, you’re safe. However, it’s natural for businesses to have issues and complaints along the way. When this happens, the first thing to do is to confront the issue right away. Don’t hide, don’t dilly-dally.  Deal with the complainant, listen genuinely and apologize for the inconvenience. Then solve the problem. This is the key to a healthy relationship between the customer and the business.

This is basically your game-plan to make customers happy. Whereas it is not a remedy this will show your customers that you simply care. In a brief time, you have delivered moments of magnificence to your customers to their expectations.




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How Customer Support Teams Can Maximize Seasonal Downtime!

Business is not a dynamic race all the time, where you seal deals everywhere at 300 km/h. There will be periods when the marketplaces stagnant and the whole thing budge at a low pace, when you are working in sales cycle such as retail and tourism.

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Below are the tips how customers support team can maximize seasonal downtime:

1. Train Thoroughly Throughout Downtime

Downtime can be used to improve the sales team to master the field of sales. Even during the downtime, salespersons must still be kept active and goal oriented. The top motivation for the sales persons is to focus on achieving better sales instead of selling only. Continuous preparation and training are the steps to success in sales. Make use of downtime to hone and support the skills of the team. Train, expand and refine the sales strategies by:

  • Preparing rigorous training days for the team to sharpen and expand the skills
  • Set benchmark and track progress
  • Testing with various call and email scripts

2. Visiting Customers

Take it to the next level.  You will score more points with your customers if you show up personally. A face-to-face encounter with your client’s leaves impressions that may transmutes business deals into a partnership that increases chances of successful future ventures.

3. Make Room and Create a Path for New Business

Recover from rivalry and begin constructing new dealings and build relationships. Timing is of the essence, never ever force customers to buy something if they’re into ready yet. Better to build trust with clients instead and impress them before game time. Make a mark so that they won’t forget you easily.

4. Think Outside the Box

Customer Support Teams must explore latest opportunities for their business. As trend modifies the demand continuously, successful industries remain busy in developing their business even sales off-peak season. Get out of your comfort zone and open your mind to new things that may grow or expand your business.  The only constant thing in this world is CHANGE.  Try to keep up; otherwise, you’ll be left behind.

5. Be Proactive

Most of the companies usually undermine the impact of seasonal downtime. It’s not enough to just cut company spending and reduce risk-taking during off-peak season. Instead, the company should be thinking long-term goals that will not cause a halt in the future success of the company. Advance planning, aggressive approach and being constantly active will change downtime to a window of opportunities.

Be fierce and be aggressive in developing sales strategies and aspects. No space and time for negative vibes. Don’t be disheartened if your efforts won’t meet your expectations at first.  Stay strong, stand your ground, take a breather and make fresh ones.  And before you know it, downtime’s over and you’re back in the usual chaotic sales marathon.


Author: L. Renee’ Chubb


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Why Chabot Fail to Deliver

With the birth of technology, there has been drastic changes in the method of communication. The way we all used to communicate with each other is slowly vanishing. In the last decade, we have witnessed the evolution of communication. The hottest topic to discuss right now is the making of chatbots. ‘Chabot’ is a service powered by artificial intelligence in which the interaction is done via a chat interface. The services provided by the chatbot can vary from knowledgeable to fun and sometimes to disappointment due to failure to deliver.


Here are some of the reasons why chatbots are failing:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Not That Convenient

The very first reason is that most of chatbots are not actually intelligent. Chatbots respond based on particular keywords used in the questions.  Mainly because they are built using decision-tree logic. So, don’t be surprised or frustrated if you receive more confusing answers.

2. Use Cases Are Weak and Irrelevant

Whenever a latest technology comes into existence, it is then launched into the world. As specialists and developers can’t wait and get crazy about it. These days, it is clearly visible that most of the companies are trying to be successful in the deployment of bot. As a result, we can see a flood of bots solving the use cases that are unrelated.  Sometimes, it does more harm than good.

3. Most Bots Have Lack Clarity

One thing about successful bots is that they, come clean and clear from the very start that user is chatting with a robot. No pretenses; No expectations; No assumptions. This will help you avoid the biggest drawback which usually results into losing customers.

4. They Do Not Interpret Context

Unlike humans, chatbots are not really good at context language and they cannot hold conversation for a long time. Bots get easily sidetracked and often jump off-track of what you’re talking about.

5. Refuse to Communicate With Operational Business Systems

Usually, bots do not communicate with the existing business system. For example, there is a need to book a schedule with the doctor. If the Chabot do refuses to communicate with the built-in appointment system, it will surely create problems. Resulting to inefficiency and inconsistency for the users.

6. Not Capable of Multitasking

To do more than one task at a time is not bot’s cup of tea. It is the fault of the developers that they install other things in bots which are not mandatory.

7. They Lack Correct Human Escalation Workflow

There are chances when technology fails, and users demand on humans to solve their problems. Chabot technology is not that advance yet to really assume human service and response that especially in emergency cases.




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Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction!

In a business world where customer persuasion and retention expenses are soaring, small and medium businesses need to concentrate on building customer experience to augment customer satisfaction.If you are looking for some quick ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction, then these following tips will really be helpful for you! Keep reading!

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Take a look at these four game-changing ideas to guide you on your way

1. Treat Customers Like the Boss

What: The boss pay your salary. Your customer is like your boss.  No customer, no job, no pay. Why: By applying this strategy to cater and deal with your customers, this should tip the scales of your customer service. If your workers treat each customer the way they treat you, imagine how good the service would be! How: There are so many ways to adopt this on your business: (a) always thank each one of your customers for their loyalty and support; (b) let your desire to have an increase in salary influence your habits to impress your customers; (c) make extra effort to assist customers; (d) be honest and trustworthy, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

2. Never Say No to Customer – It’s a NO-NO to say “NO”

“The customer is always right.” Cliché but this is the golden rule of the business world.  Never say “NO” to a customer. If a customer service representative can’t convey a clarification for the customer, this will eventually be escalated to the team lead and/or proper channel for in-depth solution to show customers that you value their voice no matter how big or small the issue is. If after investigation and the answer is still “NO”, then you should relay the negative in a positive way. This can be through complimentary gifts such as goodwill credits or free loyalty points. Lighten the burden of announcing the bad news and flip the bad into something nice to hear.

3. Show your teeth – Let Them See Your Smile!

Be positive and let them see your smile. A customer care representative that leaves a positive experience will go far. This applies to both personal and by phone interactions with the customers. Customers can hear it from your voice that you are smiling and it’s usually hard for many individuals to get angry when someone in the other end is happy.Smiling is contagious and can always brighten up another’s day.

4. Email is the best channel to increase customer satisfaction

60% of business to business marketers trusts email marketing as still the best medium for producing income. It’s so convenient for marketers and businesses to utilize more to boost up customer satisfaction. There are a lot of free email platforms that you can use nowadays. This way, you maintain communication and also conduct surveys for customer satisfaction with your target market at very low-cost.




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Tips for Good Customer Relationship Management!

For any business to succeed, it needs customers. Without customers, business will die and vanish into thin air. Exaggeration aside, keeping customers’ loyalty and trust is essential. Managing them properly for a business survival is the most important task. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enters center stage. CRM is a term that refers to the policies and the strategies used by the company to manage and analyze the customer interactions. It refers to one on one interaction of the customer with the firm in order to increase the efficiency of the company.


CRM systems are designed specifically as source of communication between the customers and the firm in order to get information and to reach the target audience effectively. It mainly includes direct mailing, live chats, social media etc. CRM helps the firms in reducing overall marketing costs, increasing firm’s profit and customer response rate.

Take a look at these tips for good customer relationship management

 1. Reward Your Customers

Customers feel good when they are compensated. Giving out rewards, for instance-complimentary gifts, rebates, free service after buildup of points or number of items obtained and other motivational perks and incentives, will strengthen the loyalty they have for the business. They will appreciate you more as they will feel that their presence and patronage are acknowledged.

2.Always Communicate With Your Customers

If you need to take your company to the next level of excellence, then you have to constantly communicate with your customers by keeping them posted on your latest promos or company activities. It is not enough to just promote your business once a week on your Facebook page and hope that your customers will click “like” because they think you’re as adorable as your services. You have to make extra effort and understand where your target audience’s hang out place in the net. Once you find it, join that site or group. This way, while keeping your company in the know on your crowd’s wants and needs, this will engage them to check out your company’s offerings on regular basis.  Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in building customer service relationship and it’s usually FREE!

3. Remember That Your Business Exists for Your Customers

The customer is the king of your business. Thus, make sure that you give the best quality items or services. Practice great quality planning, management and control of your stocks. It’s best to pre-empt for possible issues and put resources into counteractive action and evaluation costs.

CRM serves as a very useful system for the database of the customers. It helps in estimating the customer’s needs effectively while increasing business profit. Most of all, it helps in maintaining customer satisfaction.  Business is good when your customers are happy.




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Why is Teamwork Important in the Workplace?

The success of any business is directly proportional to the relation among its team members and their collective efforts. If you are incapable of working as part of a team then you can never attain victory in today’s world. In order to achieve a particular goal, it is mandatory that individuals should come together on a common platform and work collaboratively because it is unimaginable for a single brain to accomplish a task with an effective solution due to a very well known fact that human beings are social creatures.


Teamwork is a crucial part of any business because team members’ aim is to cooperate with each other using their skills. To achieve a common predefined goal, workplaces never count Individual performances. It is the collective efforts of the team workers to meet their target. That is why it is well said that “There is no ‘I’ in Team Work” because every member has to work equally to attain maximum output.

4 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace

1. It Cultivates Creativity and Learning

Creativity comes automatically when people work together under one unit. Teamwork helps to build up brainstorming ideas because learning from individual experiences is totally different from that you learn from your coworkers. Collaborating on a project creates a zeal for learning. Thus, teamwork is essential to maximize knowledge in the workplace and it also helps you to learn new skill-sets which you can use for the rest of your career.

2. It is More Efficient and Faster

There are so many tasks which don’t have any clear cut limits. Any employee working on a project alone will face so many difficulties and if the project fails then he has to take the burden of the blame on himself. Thus this process can be more effective and faster if the team works together closely throughout the project.

3. It Builds Trust

Teamwork helps to establish strong relationships within team members. When you trust your coworker, you are establishing the foundation of a healthy relationship. Trusting your teammates brings about a feeling of safety and encouragement for each other when critical situations arise. While completing complex projects, open communication is the only medium to achieve effective solutions. Without trust, a team may collapse and will not succeed on assigned projects.

4. It Solidify Responsibility

Being part of a team encourages a sense of unity, which often expresses the greater sense of ownership. Due to it, every team member respects each other and doesn’t want to let their team down. If any member of the team is not agreed with another team member’s decision then they have to explain him but with politeness to avoid negativity within the workplace.




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