How to Restore Customers’ Confidence When Things Go Wrong

Restoring the confidence of your customers mostly relies upon establishing a way which can be used side by side to support growth of customers. The target is to difficult situations in a manner that leaves positive impact to the customer.If you’re lucky enough, this may convince your customer to promote your company in the future.

Have a look at these 6 ways to restore customer confidence when things go wrong:

  1. Apologize

The very first thing to do after things go wrong is to sincerely convey your apologies. This is the part that you have to show your customer that you empathize with them and that you understand and relate how they feel and where they are coming from.  Regardless, whether it’s the company’s or the customer’s mistake, a genuine apology can create a bond and will restore relationship between parties concerned.Moreover, according to research, a sincere apology increases customer satisfaction by 10 to 15%.

  1. Be Courteous and Kind

Do not ruin your relationship with customers with rude behavior when things go wrong. Instead, try to treat them with courtesy and kindness. Customers often feel more important when they are treated with sensitivity, dignity and respect by the company. Apology is already mention edas first and foremost, let’s not also forget to show appreciation.  Thank the customers when they call your attention to the problem and make them realize that they are supporting you in improving your service or products for them. Kill them with kindness and customers will keep coming back for more.

  1. Investigate and Explain

An important and usually ignored part of customer relations restoration is to be transparent at all times especially when something goes wrong.  You have to launch investigation and present root cause of why the problem occurred. Chances of restoring  trust, increases by making time to clarify and explain the details behind the incident. Share result of investigation regarding the issue and explain how and why it happened.  Customers will appreciate your explanation and this help you regain their trust back by showing them you are not hiding anything.


  1. Provide quick response

If the customer complaints are settled on the very first contact then the chances of having more loyal customer increase. The longer it takes to solve the customer’s problem, the greater chances of losing customer’s trust. Studies show that you will lose 25% of loyal customers if complaints are not addressed or resolved immediately.


  1. Award reimbursement

Compensate customers to make up for the trouble or the inconvenience the problem has caused.  It doesn’t have to be in monetary form but can also be in terms of gift certificates, vouchers/coupons, product samples, etc. Because according to research, 58% of customers who filed complaints and got something in their mail, were very happy and satisfied as compared to the 40% of those who did not obtain anything.It goes without saying that if the company gives reparation in the form of refunds, discounts or gift cards, customer satisfaction will definitely increase.


  1. Redeem yourself

Complaints present second chances to redeem your company’s reputation and regain customers by improving what your services lack at or your products’ weaknesses.  When offered this opportunity, companies must show its strength in resolving challenging situations and regain the trust of the customer. Then, you will be rewarded with customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.


Prompt and immediate resolution to problems are important factors in developing companies.  Train the employees well on how to be proactive in dealing with customers during challenging situations by keeping in mind the above six items.  After following these steps, the company will surely retain more loyal customers and will definitely increase profits.



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