How to Deliver Moments of Magnificence to Your Customers

Do you agree that the very first step to make your customers happy and satisfied has nothing to do with the customers themselves? It all depends on you! Whether you treat them right or not in any situation, matters a lot. It’s all about managing your attitude. Recognize your feelings and work accordingly to focus on your customers. How?  Mental and verbal self-affirmation – says it to yourself over, and over again that you are the best and will give your best. Nothing beats the power of a positive mind.  Then execute with full of energy and vigor.  Good vibes are contagious so don’t be surprised that your customers will catch on fast and easily.


Some of the things that every business must follow in order to deliver moments of magnificence to customers


First impression lasts.  So create a nice one and start with the greetings.  You don’t usually forget the person who greets you courteously and politely. Everyone appreciates it if they are treated well. When dealing with people, it takes only a few moments to smile, say thank you, please, excuse me, thanks for waiting, etc. But the feeling of recognition and that impression lasts for a long time.

Satisfy the Need

When can you say that you have met the needs of your customer? Only when you help solved the problem or addressed the concern raised. To deliver the moment of magnificence to customers, be a good listener, be sincerely helpful, and try to ask questions in order to solve their problems. Take time to get information but be prompt with your action plan. Focus on the delivery of a solution to the problem.  After all, that’s the main reason why the customer came to you.


Always appreciate your customers’ business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think what would you want and expect from your business? Believe it or not but it only takes a little of your time to satisfy the needs of the customers! No one likes to wait! So, treat each case with sense of urgency and don’t wait for the customers to follow-up.  Be proactive to call first and give even just an update if you still haven’t resolved the problem totally. Follow through by e-mails or phone calls to say thank you, or ask for further assistance or information if you need to. Do this and you will surely satisfy your customers.

Handling Problems

Do you believe in saying “No news is good news”?  Customers would only call if they have complaint or problem with your product or service.  So if you haven’t heard from them, you’re safe. However, it’s natural for businesses to have issues and complaints along the way. When this happens, the first thing to do is to confront the issue right away. Don’t hide, don’t dilly-dally.  Deal with the complainant, listen genuinely and apologize for the inconvenience. Then solve the problem. This is the key to a healthy relationship between the customer and the business.

This is basically your game-plan to make customers happy. Whereas it is not a remedy this will show your customers that you simply care. In a brief time, you have delivered moments of magnificence to your customers to their expectations.




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